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Stand for Quality Long-Term Care

Honor and remember advocates and loved ones with your contribution.

Donations have been made in honor of:

  • Robyn Grant, by Michelle Niemier
  • Catherine Hawes, by Elise Bolda

Donations have been made in memory of:

  • Sallie McLean Ramsden, by Sarah Greene Burger
  • Chas Phillips, by Elise Bolda

Dear Friends:

I don’t even have to ask the question. I know you Stand for Quality long-term care. You stand for promoting and protecting the rights of those receiving care and services. We have heard from residents all over the country about what quality care means to them – seeing the person, not treating them as a job; respecting their choices; involving them in their care planning; caring with kindness and a smile; and like Dick, a resident of an assisted living facility, says above, showing empathy.

Unfortunately, too many residents are not experiencing quality care or quality of life. We know this to be true as we talk to residents and families, hear from advocates, and read the reports and articles.

We won’t stop advocating until each individual is experiencing the quality care they deserve! Help us stay strong in our advocacy.

Your donations expand our ability to…

… promote policies that emphasize individualized care;

… advocate for more effective oversight of long-term care providers;

… push for accountability for the billions of dollars spent on long-term care each year;

… bring the voices of long-term care consumers to federal official and policymakers.

How do we do this? Over this past year, Consumer Voice has:

  • Testified before the Senate Special Committee on Aging

  • Submitted comments on proposed changes to nursing home rules, as well as provided sample comments for the Consumer Voice network

  • Participated in stakeholder group discussions with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

  • Presented before the Elder Justice Coordinating Council

  • Provided recommendations to staff developing legislation

  • Coordinated discussion between residents and federal officials

  • Hosted an Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill

Can We Count on You?

We need your support to increase our advocacy for quality long-term care. Our goals and activities for 2020, our 45th year of advocacy, include:

  • Promoting a Consumer Education Campaign around the misuse of antipsychotic drugs and how to achieve good care without chemical restraints;

  • Expanding our Advisory Council of Residents and offering additional opportunities to bring their voices to the policy and advocacy table;

  • Sponsoring our annual Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill to raise attention to consumer issues with legislators;

  • Increasing the ability of our Policy Staff to ensure the interests of long-term care consumers are represented before CMS and members of Congress.

What can you do to help?

  1. Donate today to the Consumer Voice! 

  2. Become a Member! Members receive discounts on publications and conference registration, access to Member-only updates and trainings, and more!

  3. Advocate with your legislators for stronger policies that protect residents. Sign up for the Action Network and receive our weekly e-newsletter, policy break e-blasts, and Action Alerts. Sign up for emails.

  4. Share information about the Consumer Voice with family, friends, colleagues.

  5. Follow/like/share Consumer Voice on Facebook and Twitter.

Together, as we Stand for Quality, we can achieve the promise of quality care and quality of life for each individual needing care!

Thank you for your support!