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What does nursing home staffing mean to you?

Inadequate staffing has plagued nursing home care for decades. There is overwhelming and indisputable evidence that higher staffing means better care for residents. Last year, the Biden Administration promised it would implement a minimum staffing standard, a baseline of direct nursing care that all nursing home residents must receive.  A minimum staffing standard that takes into account the care needs of each nursing home resident would be the most significant increase in protections in nursing home resident in decades.

A minimum staffing standard will also require nursing homes to devote more money to staffing. Nursing homes will have to pay better wages, provide benefits, and give staff training and job-growth opportunities.

Over the next several months, Consumer Voice will be raising the voices of residents, their families, and workers regarding a minimum staffing standard. We want to hear from you. Tell us what it means for you when a facility is understaffed. What would it mean for you if a facility had adequate staffing?