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Consumer Voice has presented several webinars related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  View the webinars and get materials below.

Using CMS Guidance to Open Nursing Home Doors (4/30/2021) - A conversation with Consumer Voice's Robyn Grant and Jocelyn Bogdan about how residents, families and advocates can use guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to facilitate in-person visitation. 

A Webinar on the Revised Nursing Home Guidance (3/12/2021) - This webinar provided an overview of the revised CMS visitation guidance, presented by Evan Shulman, CMS Director, Division of Nursing Homes. We also shared Consumer Voice’s initial thoughts about the guidance and next advocacy steps.

Pursuing Quality Long-Term Care Podcast (July 2020-March 2021) - Consumer Voice's podcast series includes several episodes with relevant discussion about COVID-19 including tips on staying connected while visitation is limited, family advocacy, the impact of social isolation on nursing home residents, and what to look for when you visit your loved one.

Strengthening Families as They Reunite During Uncertain Times (10/13/2020) - On this webinar hosted by Consumer Voice and the Maine Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and featuring speaker Dr. Susan Wehry, we discussed the principles and interventions of moving forward while supporting ourselves and our families. We talked specifically about visitation in long-term care; as facilities transition to in-person visitation, reconnection with loved ones may present challenges.

Understanding Trauma and Ensuring Person-Centered Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic Training Series (September 2020) - The National Ombudsman Resource Center (NORC) released four training topics for three audiences: facility administrators, direct care staff, and family members of individuals living in long-term care facilities.  Dr. Sheri Gibson provided training on the following topics: person-centered care, trauma-informed care, compassion fatigue, and anxiety and grief in a time of COVID-19.

Nursing Home Staffing: Research Highlights Relationship Between COVID-19 and Staffing (7/17/20) - Researchers Dr. Charlene Harrington and Dr. Yue Li look carefully at the relationship between staffing and COVID-19 spread. 

Family Advocacy for Residents During COVID-19 (6/18/2020) - Families are facing many new issues as they support and care for their loved ones in long-term care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the webinar to gain information and tips on how to advocate individually and through family councils for quality care. 

COVID-19: Advocating for Nursing Home Residents Webinar Series (April-October 2020) - Joint webinars with Consumer Voice, Center for Medicare Advocacy, Long Term Care Community Coalition, and Justice in Aging.

Webinar Materials

Webinar Materials

  • Part XIII - RecordingSlides (October 2, 2020) - Overview of CMS Guidance on Visitation; What the Guidance Allows and Requires; Shortfalls of the Guidance; Advocacy Strategies
  • Part XII - RecordingSlides (August 28, 2020) - Revised Guidance on Survey and Enforcement; CMS Interim Rules on COVID Testing; Update on Visitation
  • Part XI - RecordingSlides (July 31, 2020) - Allocation of testing equipment for nursing homes; Update on nursing home staff reporting; Immunity update; Legislative update
  • Part X - RecordingSlides (June 26, 2020) - CMS guidance on reporting of staffing data; Preparing comments on interim rule on reporting requirements; Reuniting residents and families, with state experiences in Ohio and West Virginia; New CMS FAQs; Social media campaign about visitation
  • Part IX - RecordingSlides (June 19, 2020) - Immunity for liability; Federal requirements for protecting residents from abuse, neglect, exploitation
  • Part VIII - RecordingSlides (June 12, 2020) - Discussion around reuniting residents and families; Stimulus checks; House Oversight Briefing 6.11.20; Concerns raised by residents
  • Part VII - RecordingSlides (June 5, 2020) - CMS, memo on infection control, expanded surveys, state performance, and enhanced enforcement of facilities with infection control deficiencies; Review of newly released COVID data
  • Part VI - RecordingSlides (May 29, 2020) - Tips for advocates; Infection control surveys; State data on reporting, testing, and immunity
  • Part V - RecordingSlides (May 22, 2020) - CMS’s nursing home reopening recommendations; Tips for advocates; GAO report on infection control in nursing homes; Reporting requirements
  • Part IV - RecordingSlides (May 15, 2020) - Transfer requirements and waivers; COVID-only facilities; Nurse Aide training; Testing of residents and staff
  • Part III - RecordingSlides (May 8, 2020) - CMS reporting requirements; CMS waivers of regulatory requirements; Use of CMPs to purchase devices; Administration announcements; Overview of targeted infection control surveys
  • Part II - RecordingSlides (April 23, 2020; Slides Updated April 27, 2020) - New CMS Guidance; Provider requests for Immunity; State advocacy examples from CA, CT, MA, and MI
  • Part I - RecordingSlides (April 17, 2020) - Overview of COVID in nursing homes; Actions to expand coverage, reimbursement; Federal waivers of regulations; CMS Guidance; Advocacy recommendations

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