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Immigration Reform & Long-Term Care

Home care consumers recognize that a strong workforce is a critical component of quality care. However, many consumers may not be aware of the role immigration reform plays in strengthening the home care workforce.

To better inform consumers and their advocates on this topic, Consumer Voice has issued a new brief highlighting five distinct ways comprehensive immigration reform would serve to benefit home care consumers - which include: 

  1. Ensuring Access to Care by Addressing the Workforce Shortage

  2. Creating Stability for Consumers by Reducing Worker Turnover

  3. Improving Safety and Transparency for Home Care Consumers

  4. Improving Quality and Scope of Care for Consumers by Training Workers

  5. Creating a Positive Home Care Experience through Career Ladders for Workers

Click here to read the brief!

Consumer Voice hosted a webinar on Thursday, May 23, 2013, entitled Improving Care by Strengthening the Direct Care Workforce: Why Immigration Reform is Important to Home Care Consumers. This webinar discussed the topics of immigration reform, long-term care, and the home care workforce; how immigration reform benefits home care consumers; and how immigration reform can be achieved. Event speakers included: Robin Shaffert, Policy Director at Caring Across Generations; Julia Feinberg, home care consumer and Member of Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Association; Haeyoung Yoon, Senior Staff Attorney at the National Employment Law Project; Robyn Grant, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy; and Marybeth Williams, Public Policy Associate. 

You can view the slides from our webinar on this topic here.

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