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Direct Care Workforce Issues

Resources on Department of Labor Rule to Extend Basic Worker Protections to the Home Care Workforce: 

Other Resources

  • PHI California Direct Care Workforce Fact Sheet

  • Understanding Direct Care Workers: A Snapshot of Two of America's Most Important Jobs - Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Home Health Aides (March 2011) This chart book highlights findings from two new federally sponsored national surveys: the 2004 National Nursing Assistant Survey and the 2007 National Home Health Aide Survey. Both surveys represent a major advance in the data available about two of America’s most important jobs -- certified nursing assistants working in nursing homes and home health aides work in home health and hospice care settings. The chart book is intended to help multiple audiences understand these jobs, issues, and challenges; and establish useful benchmarks as goals toward which improvement efforts might aspire. This chart is also available in PDF.

  • The PHI State Data Center This web-based tool hosting state-by-state profiles of the direct-care workforce, including nursing home aides, home health aides and personal care assistants. The data center provides charts with direct-care workforce statistics for each state. The website also features information on workforce size and projected employment growth, trends in wages for each direct-care occupation and information on health insurance coverage rates and reliance on public assistance; it provides links to legislation and regulatory developments pertaining to the workforce, state-based initiatives and other efforts to improve the quality of care and direct-care worker jobs, employer best practices and other resources.

  • Home Economics Report from the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the first national survey of domestic workers in the USA.

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