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The Nursing Home COVID-19 Crisis: More is Needed to Protect Residents and Staff

May 04, 2020

On May 1, the Trump Administration announced a series of actions it is taking to address the rampant spread of the coronavirus in nursing homes. These actions include distribution of 14 days’ worth of PPE to each nursing home, money for State Survey Agencies, a new rule on reporting cases and deaths, and the creation of a special commission on the coronavirus to assess response and make recommendations.

While these are steps in the right direction, they do not sufficiently address the widespread need in nursing homes, where more than 11,000 residents have died in the last two months due to COVID-19.   Needed is a coordinated federal response for immediate action to stop the spread of COVID-19 and provide the necessary resources, assistance, and supplies to the states and front-line workers to get them through this crisis.

Comprehensive and immediate support are needed now to stem the frightening spread of this virus through facilities.

Read Consumer Voice's full statement.

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