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Reports Show Limits on Visitation Continue to Harm Residents

July 01, 2021

Despite the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccinations, the precipitous decline of COVID-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes, and the relaxation of some visitation restrictions, residents and families continue to face limitations on visitation and daily activities.  In January, Consumer Voice released a report detailing the devastating effects of lockdowns on nursing home residents. Six months later, Consumer Voice is still hearing from residents and families that residents are suffering from visitation limitations.  Additionally, residents continue to be significantly limited in their activities inside facilities, including being confined to their rooms, being unable to dine communally, and having little or no group activities.  

In May, Consumer Voice began to survey both residents and families to gauge the current effects of visitation and activity limitations in nursing homes.  Families continue to report severe physical and mental decline of residents worsened by arbitrarily applied visitation policies. In addition, residents said they faced significant barriers to visitation and were struggling with isolation inside the facility because of limits on movement and group activities.  

Consumer Voice has released reports on both surveys:

The reports show that limitations on visitation and daily activities continue to harm residents. The reports’ findings also support Consumer Voice’s call for the lifting of all restrictions on visitation.


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