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Ensure Good Care for Nursing Home Residents

April 27, 2022

This month, we have extraordinarily exciting news.  The news we have been waiting decades to hear. The Biden Administration recently unveiled a bold, wide-ranging initiative for nursing home reform that addresses the most crucial and long-standing issues residents face: staffing, enforcement, nursing home corporate transparency and accountability, and pandemic and emergency preparedness (see a summary of the Administration’s proposed reforms).  The Administration’s plan is the most promising development in decades and is due in large part to Consumer Voice’s effective and relentless advocacy over many years.

Consumer Voice needs your support more than ever to ensure that each proposal becomes reality for nursing home residents across the country.

Excited as we are to see so many of our priorities spelled out in the Administration’s initiative, we know we are in a fierce fight to ensure these proposals become requirements. Already, the powerful nursing home industry is in full swing trying to block the proposals. The President & CEO of the for-profit national nursing home association claimed the proposals were “offensive” and “ridiculous” and called on nursing homes across the country to submit “massive” comments to CMS to gut the reform efforts.

Faced with the resistance of the incredibly well-financed and well-organized nursing home lobby, small but mighty Consumer Voice and its allies are gearing up for the most important battle since the 1987 passage of the Nursing Home Reform Act.  

And we need your help! 

Please don’t let this once in a generation opportunity slip through our fingers.  There is no time to lose. While our staff is small, our task to represent residents and the people who care about them across the country at this critical time is enormous. Together we are stronger. Join us and be on the right side of nursing home history by supporting our work as generously as you are able.

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