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We’re fighting the good fight … and we need your help!

May 09, 2017

Dear Friends,
We’re fighting the good fight … and we need your help!

During these past few months, there has been an unprecedented assault on the policies that support access to quality long-term care and protect the rights of long-term care consumers.  We are fighting back.

  • We are fighting proposed cuts to and changes* in the long-term care safety net program, Medicaid, that will mean:
    • Less access to nursing homes and home and community based care,
    • Tougher eligibility standards to qualify for Medicaid,
    • Saddling older adults and individuals with disabilities and their families on limited incomes with the added burden of paying for nursing home care - $82,000 per year for a semi-private room, and
    • Weakened oversight of long-term care facilities.
  • We are fighting harsh restrictions on consumers’ access to the justice system if they have been harmed by negligent or abusive health care providers. The proposed restrictions would:
    • Leave victims without rights or recourse for justice,
    • Protect those who are negligent or abusive, and
    • Perpetuate poor practices that lead to serious injury and death.
  • We were successful in fighting threats to roll back newly revised nursing home regulations that enhance protections from evictions, abuse, and neglect.

Consumer Voice staff have been working tirelessly to battle attacks that will turn the clock on long-term care and consumer rights back 40 years!  Will you join us?

Your donation will help our staff:

  • Educate members of Congress about the impact of these harmful proposals on residents and families;
  • Analyze the new proposals that are being released weekly to determine their impact on residents and other long-term care consumers;
  • Mobilize advocates from across the country – including residents, individuals receiving long-term care and services in home and community based settings, and their family members – to tell their representatives in Congress how these policies will affect them.

In addition, your support will help continue the work of our wonderful Consumer Advisory Council, made up of current and former residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Last year, your donations helped us launch the Council. As active, vocal advocates, the Council members have already accomplished the following:

  • Conducted three conference call meetings.
  • Participated on Consumer Voice work groups, including work groups developing comments on new regulatory guidance, and planning Residents’ Rights Month.
  • Attended two four-day Stakeholder Sessions hosted by CMS earlier this year and provided input on the development of revised Interpretive Guidelines.

In 2017, we will expand the Council to include additional members, and involve them in even more policy issues.  If you know a resident who might be interested in joining our Consumer Advisory Council, let me know!

Every dollar helps!  Consider a monthly donation, which keeps these activities going year-round!  Make a donation now.

Thank you for being a strong supporter of Consumer Voice!


Lori Smetanka
Executive Director

*Congress’ first recent attempt to change Medicaid failed, but another bill is up for a vote soon!

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