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National Observation Stays Coalition Submits Statement for Record to Hearing on Protecting Patients from Surprise Medical Bills

June 04, 2019

Consumer Voice joined with other advocacy organizations as a part of the National Observation Stays Coalition in submitting a statement for the record to the House Ways and Means Subcommittee Hearing on May 21st "Protecting Patients from Surprise Medical Bills".  The organizations of the Observation Stays Coalition addressed the issue of Medicare patients in hospitals who are called observation status patients or outpatients, even when the care they receive is no different than the care provided to formally admitted inpatients.  The classification as observation or outpatient is significant because Medicare will cover a post-hospital stay in a skilled nursing facility only if the patient was hospitalized for three consecutive days an an inpatient.  The Coalition highlighted the observation stays matter as an area to be addressed to eliminate surprise medical bills.  For more information, read the Coalition's statement.

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