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CMS Releases Latest List of Special Focus Facilities and Candidates

July 30, 2019

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released the latest list of Special Focus Facilities (SFF) and candidates (July 24, 2019).  Currently, 88 nursing facilities are designated as SFFs, and more than 400 additional facilities are considered candidates for the SFF list, meaning they meet the eligibility criteria for the program.  To be considered for the SFF program, a facility must have a history (at least 3 years) of serious quality issues.  These nursing facilities generally have more deficiencies than the average facility, and more serious problems such as harm or injury to residents. 

Special Focus Facilities have more frequent surveys and are subject to progressive enforcement until it either graduates from the program or is terminated from Medicare and/or Medicaid.  

CMS updates the list monthly.

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