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COVID-19 Essential Checklists for Moving Home

June 25, 2020

Two new checklists - “Keeping Family Together During COVID-19: A Checklist” and “Should I Take My Loved One Home During the COVID-19 Crisis?” - are available from the National Center on Elder Abuse and the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care.

Families coping with the safety and economic impacts of COVID-19 have found themselves discussing readjustments in home life. On one hand, with the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in long-term care facilities, some families are considering taking their loved ones home. While other families have encountered financial strain causing adult children to move in with their parents. These are very personal decisions, and one for which you will need a plan. Even in the most genial of families, close quarters and changes in living situations may heighten emotions, potentially contributing to family discord and elder abuse. Efforts can be made to reduce tensions and promote a healthy and safe environment for all.

In an effort to help keep families from falling apart while coming together, these checklists were created to serve as a blue print for thoughtful conversations in the beginning to avoid awkward conversations later.

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