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Legislation that Would Improve Nursing Home Conditions Introduced in House August 17, 2022

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky has introduced the Linking Investors and Nursing Home Quality (LINHQ) Act and the Infrastructure Modernization Project Related to the Overall Enhancement of Nursing Homes Act (IMPROVE Nursing Homes Act).

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CMS Updates Nursing Home Regulations August 10, 2022

The new regulations from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) included changes to the requirements for the Director of Food and Nutrition Services and updates to the Life Safety Code.

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Reference Guide and Summary of CMS's Updated Nursing Home Guidance July 12, 2022

Consumer Voice has created a Reference Guide and summary to help consumers understand and access updated guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

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Use Our Advocacy Toolkit to Set Up a Visit to Urge Your Member of Congress to Support Policies that Hold Nursing Homes Accountable June 21, 2022

Nursing homes have been telling Members of Congress why they can’t provide quality care and hire staff.  Your Members need to hear from YOU to say “Yes, they can” and to support policies that will hold the nursing homes accountable.

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Submit Detailed Responses to CMS Regarding Staffing May 26, 2022

Get our detailed model responses to submit to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regarding a minimum staffing standard in nursing homes.

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Quick & Easy: Submit Suggested Responses to CMS Regarding Staffing May 24, 2022

Using our quick suggested response it only takes a couple of minutes to make your voice heard!

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Tell Your Member of Congress to Hold Nursing Homes Accountable July 12, 2022

Have you taken all three of our recent actions? 1) Schedule a Visit; 2) Send a Message; 3) Make a Phone Call

Action Update

A provision to require at least one registered nurse 24 hours a day has been added to the four critical provisions included in the most recent version of the Build Back Better Act.  Contact your members of Congress to ensure all provisions will be included.

Action Update
Your Advocacy Is Working! However, Nursing Home Residents Still Need Your Help October 29, 2021

Congress has heard your voice! Important nursing home provisions were included in the most recent version of the Build Back Better Act.  However, the inclusion of the provisions in the final bill is not ensured.

Action Update
Your members of Congress need to hear from you!
Find ways to make your voice and the voices of long-term care consumers heard.