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Pursuing Quality Long-Term Care Podcast

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Long-term care is or will be a fact of life for many of us and our loved ones as we age. We all deserve care – whether in the home or in a long-term care facility – that meets the highest of standards, enhancing quality of life and ensuring the protection of rights. Join us as we talk with national experts and advocates about strategies you can use in the pursuit of quality long-term care.

Pursuing Quality Long-Term Care is a program of the Avoiding Drugs as Chemical Restraints Consumer Education Campaign of Consumer Voice and AARP Foundation.




Episode 1

Title: Avoiding Drugs as Chemical Restraints
Guest: Kelly Bagby, AARP Foundation Litigation
Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 2:00pm ET
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Description: Everyone who enters a long-term care facility deserves quality, person-centered care. Too many residents, however, are being given off-label antipsychotic drugs to control challenging behaviors or for caregiver convenience. When used this way, these drugs are chemical restraints. Join our discussion with Kelly Bagby of AARP Foundation Litigation where we’ll talk about why the use of antipsychotic drugs is a problem, what your rights are around medications and caregiving, and what to do if you think your loved one is being chemically restrained.