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Virginia Family Council Grants

Family councils can play a crucial role in voicing concerns, requesting improvements, supporting new family members and residents, and supporting facility efforts to make care and life in the facility the best it can be. Through the Family Councils for Quality Long-Term Care: Support, Strengthen and Empower initiative, Consumer Voice is working with Virginia family councils to support and strengthen their advocacy efforts for improved quality of care and life for residents of nursing homes.

Consumer Voice is making pass-through grants available in the amount of $250 to $500 each to independent family councils in Virginia for the purpose of funding council activities. Download the grant application.

Supported by the Frances Lane Memorial Family Council Fund of the Edward H. Lane Foundation

Examples of How Family Councils Have Used Funds

  • Administrative supplies such a flip charts, paper, markers etc. for family council use
  • Mailings and pre-paid postage sent to families to request contact information
  • Business cards: To help publicize and make the family council known among family members and residents
  • Display tables/ Bulletin boards: To provide and post information regarding, upcoming family council events and other family council news
  • Brochures/ Newsletters: To provide family council information to present and future residents and their families
  • Website to communicate with family council members who are unable to regularly attend meetings
  • Social events for residents
  • Refreshments for family council meetings
  • Welcome packets for new residents
  • Guest speakers: To speak at family council meetings about relevant topics and issues
  • Buttons or vests for family council members: To help make the family council members visible and known throughout the facility
  • Luncheons for residents during Residents’ Rights Week or with other family council members from nearby facilities to discuss current topics and issues