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Advocacy Toolkit


Advocacy Skills Training Webinars:

  • Strategizing and Crafting an Effective Advocacy Message
    In this first advocacy skills training webinar, we use the subject of nursing home staffing to teach advocates how to develop a strategy around an issue and then choose key points about the issue to create an effective advocacy message. We also address methods of tailoring those key points to a particular audience. The audio can be heard by clicking here; the ppt is available by clicking here
  • Delivering Your Message in Person: The Nuts and Bolts of Meeting with a Key Decision Maker
    In our second advocacy skills training webinar, we teach participants the basics of meeting with a key decision maker. This session includes: determining who to meet with, assembling people to go with you, preparing for the visit, how to conduct the meeting, and following up. Click here to access the recording.
  • Delivering Your Message: Utilizing Both Traditional Approaches and Social Media
    During this session participants learn how to communicate a message effectively using traditional methods, such as phone, email and letters to the editor, as well as social media approaches, including Facebook and Twitter. Click here to access the recording. 
  • How to Grow, Support, and Activate Your Network
    In our fourth and final training, participants learn about networks. We teach participants how to use their advocacy to grow their network by assessing their current pool, setting targets for growth, and using advocacy tactics to recruit additional people and mobilize both current and existing members. We also teach participants how to support their network by being a resource their network looks to for information and education. Click here to access the recording.