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COVID-19 in Long-Term Care Facilities

CMS and CDC Guidance for Nursing Homes

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) have issued and revised guidance and resources throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Limitation on Visitation Affects Residents

Consumer Voice supports safe visitation including vaccination for all long-term care residents and visitors to long-term care facilities and adhering to the Core Principles of Infection Prevention including mask wearing.

Despite the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccinations, the precipitous decline of COVID-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes, and the relaxation of some visitation restrictions, residents and families continue to face limitations on visitation and daily activities.  In January 2021 and again in June 2021, Consumer Voice released reports detailing the devastating effects of limiting visitation on nursing home residents.









Consumer Voice Resources for Advocacy & Families

Infection Prevention Resources

Part of being a good advocate is taking care of yourself, read our fact sheets for tips on how family caregivers and residents can take care of themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Listen to the Stories of Residents