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Resident Council Center

Residents in a facility can join to form a united consumer voice which can communicate concerns to facility administrators and work for resolutions and improvements by forming a resident council. Resident councils can play a crucial role in voicing concerns, requesting improvements, supporting new residents and supporting facility efforts to make care and life in the facility the best it can be. Join and support the resident council at your facility! If no resident council exists, join with other residents to form one.

Resident Council Rights and Federal Laws & Regulations

The Nursing Home Reform Law is the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1982 (OBRA '87)  was landmark legislation for federal standards for nursing home care. The Act guarantees nursing home residents a number of important rights to enhance their nursing home experience and improve facility-wide services and conditions. Key among these rights is the right to form and hold regular private meetings of an organized group called a resident council. Learn more.











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