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Nursing Home Closures Toolkit for Ombudsmen and Advocates


This toolkit includes materials that will be helpful to you if you are involved in a nursing home closing.  You can view the entire toolkit in a single printable PDF file here.

Click on the following links to view the Training Agenda, Training PowerPoint, 12 Month Work Plan, and Table of Contents:

NOTE: Some state materials have been edited for the purposes of formatting into this toolkit.  The content remains unchanged.

Click on the following links to navigate to different parts of the toolkit:

Successful Transitions: Reducing the Negative Impact of Nursing Home Closures

The toolkit includes the Executive Summary and State Case Studies from the Consumer Voice's report on nursing home closures.  Click on the following links to read the report:

Federal & Sample State Guidelines on Closures

The following section includes the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) guidelines for closure.  There are also descriptions of the requirements in three states with some unique features as well as an actual closing plan:

Sample Letters to Residents & Families

This section includes sample letters to residents & families at the onset and during a nursing home closure.  This might be of help as you develop your own materials.

Sample Forms & Checklists

This section contains several forms and checklists used by many different states as they monitor closures.

Additional Consumer Voice Resources

This section includes a brochure and information card for residents & family members about knowing their rights during a nursing home closure.