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Sponsor an Edition of The Voice

The Voice (formerly The Gazette) is the weekly newsletter of The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care.  It is delivered and circulated to more than 4,500 members, LTC advocates, ombudsmen, policy makers, and organizations addressing long-term care issues.  The Voice covers new developments in the field and its arrival by email is anticipated by its readers who look to it as a way to keep up to date.  Consumer Voice itself is held in esteem in the aging and long-term care communities as an organization dedicated to quality not only on behalf of consumers, but in its own work also.  Many readers want to know, what issues CV is covering and what the organization has to say about those issues.  Read past issues of The Voice.

In 2014, Consumer Voice began to offer opportunities for individuals and organizations to sponsor The Voice.  For The Voice, “sponsorship” means providing an unrestricted donation to support Consumer Voice.  As recognition of these special contributions, CV will print just below the masthead at the top of the sponsored issue a 250 character statement on behalf of the contributor.  Consumer Voice approval is required before the organization can publish any statement submitted by a sponsor.

It is expected that contributor statements will largely be tribute, in honor or memorial statements.  They will name the donor and the honored or remembered individual; a tribute may also be for an organization.  A contributor that names a LTC provider in a tribute statement may not be an owner, investor, employee or a person related to the management of the named institution.

Individuals and nonprofit organizations that are not providers of long-term care services may sponsor an issue of The Voice at the rate of $195 per issue for 250 characters.  A 350 character option, in which a descriptive addition is added, will cost $250. (Character limits include spaces.)  Add a graphic for an extra $50.

Become a sponsor of The Voice by contacting Lori Smetanka at lsmetanka@theconsumervoice.org and making your payment.

Companies and trade associations will be permitted to sponsor The Voice as long as they are not in the business of providing long-term care services; they may be suppliers or have other business interests in long-term care.  The contribution required to sponsor The Voice from these organizations will be double the individual/nonprofit rate.

Examples of sponsorship messages:

  1. 250 character version:

This issue is made possible by a generous contribution from John & Nancy Parks in memory of John’s father, Alexander Parks, who was a dedicated and skilled advocate for nursing home residents in the state of Maine.


This issue is made possible by a generous contribution from Jane Doe as a tribute to the staff of the Sterling Heights Center for Assisted Living in Cleveland, Ohio.

  1. 350 character version:

This issue of The Voice is made possible by a generous contribution from Sally Smith, Chairwoman of The Family Council of Sioux Falls Northwest in honor and appreciation of its leadership team: Mary Chase, Victoria Towns, Robert Camp and Sandra Wilson for all of the work they have done for the family council and for their continued dedication to improving the quality of care for residents.

Click here to view an example of a past Voice with a sponsorship message.