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Consumer Voice Tributes

 The Consumer Voice would like to honor and remember fellow advocates.

In Honor...

  • Dorothy Youmans - honored by Roberta Youmans
  • Ann Dillon - honored by Mary Jane Koren
  • Bill Lamb - honored by Bob Konrad
  • Fannie Gagliardi - honored by Mary Ann Gagliardi
  • Jeanie Kayser-Jones - honored by Elizabeth Halifax
  • Catherine Hawes - honored by Elise Bolda
  • Robyn Grant - honored by Michelle Niemier
  • Elma Holder - honored by Sue Wheaton and Karen Ferguson
  • Mary Edwards - honored by Tilden Edwards
  • Consumer Voice Staff, Board and Leadership Council - honored by Beverley Laubert
  • Lori Smetanka - honored by Robyn Grant

In Memory... 

  • Patricia Warnick - remembered by Sharon Liebhaber - "Pat was an advocate for nursing home residents.  She volunteered as an ombudsman for many years and when she herself became disabled and entered a nursing home, she volunteered as a PEER advocate.  She will be rememered and missed."
  • Marguerite Sutor - remembered by David Sutor
  • Sallie McLean Ramsden - remembered by Sarah Greene Burger
  • Chas Phillips - remembered by Elise Bolda
  • Dakima Jackson and Alvin Louis, Sr. - "Mr. Louis was the stepfather of long-time and dedicated Michigan ombudsman, Dakima Jackson.  He will be greatly missed.  This donation is in his memory and in Dakima's honor." - from the Michigan Elder Justice Initiative
  • Jacqueline Koenig - remembered by Nancy Dorris
  • Madeline West - remembered by her dauther, Joanne Alderman
  • Paul van Westrienen

Paul van Westrienen

Paul was a dedicated advocate and former Consumer Voice Board Member.

"Paul’s dedication to improving the lives of long term term care consumers spanned decades and included years of leadership positions with the Oceana County Medical Care Facility Family Council, the Michigan Campaign for Quality Care, and Consumer Voice.  He embodied the qualities of generosity, decency, and kindness.  He always stepped up when something needed to be done and he infused everything he did with a gentle civility  and courtesy. He was a rare man and will be greatly missed."  - Alison Hirschel

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