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Consumer Voice Tributes

 The Consumer Voice would like to honor and remember fellow advocates.

In Honor...

  • Elma Holder - honored by Barbara Frank, Pamela Parker, Alice Hedt, Eileen Bennett, and Julia Meashey.
  • Janet Wells - honored by Mitzi McFatrich
  • Catherine Hawes - honored by Elizabeth Halifax - "For a lifetime of work promoting quality care for long-term care residents."
  • Maurice Miller - honored by Anne Montgomery - "Maurice, your work in support of nursing home residents and Consumer Voice and social justice generally is amazing. Thank you for doing it and it's marvelous to work with you."
  • Sara Hunt - honored by Carol Scott
  • Arlene Germain and Ellery Schemp - honored by Diana Caplan

In Memory... 

  • Margaret Pryor - remembered by Joani Latimer
  • Walfried Ferfort - remembered by Tina Ferfort
  • Sara Jane Bise - remembered by Mary Carpenter
  • Luke Pesane - remembered by Lesley Merlino, Bethany Burgess, the DeFuria Family, and the Nottingham Resident Forum 
  • Frank Moore - remembered by Judi Moore