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I Stand for Quality Signs

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I Stand for Quality Signs

Ombudsmen in Ohio stand for quality!


Joe W., Geauga County Department on Aging


Alana McGee, Ombudsman Program Director for Southeast Ohio, and Alexis Simpson, Regional Ombudsman Program Director for Central Ohio; Teresa Teeple, Ombudsman System Liason in the State Ombudsman Office

Beverley Laubert, Ohio State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, and Lauren Simmons, Ombudsman Regional Support Coordinator

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and First Lady Fran DeWine: Governor DeWine truly cares about long-term care consumers. As the Attorney General, he built one of the best Medicaid Fraud Control Units in the country.

Consumer Voice staff stand for quality!


Executive Director Lori Smetanka ; Tina Steier, Communications and Membership Coordinator and Robyn Grant, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy


Interns Amanda Smith and Libby Laubert; Katie Kohler, Program and Outreach Associate and Carol Scott, Ombudsman Specialist


Alisha Lineswala, Public Policy and Program Specialist; Lori Smetanka and Libby Laubert

The State of Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long-Term Care Volunteer Ombudsman Program Stands for Quality!


Volunteer Ombudsmen in Marathon and Clark County                                         Volunteer Ombudsman in Brown County


                   Volunteer Ombudsmen in Milwaukee County


Volunteer Ombudsmen in Door County

Volunteer Ombudsman in Outagamie County

Staff at Shady Lawn Nursing and Rehab in Cadiz, Kentucky stand for quality!


Staff at the Lutheran Home in Missouri stand for quality!


The Missouri State Long-Term Care Ombudsman's Office stands for quality!


Lindsay Luebbering, Asst. State Ombudsman; Jenny Hollandsworth, State Ombudsman; Kayla Curry, Asst. State Ombudsman


Donna Wobbe, Regional Ombudsman Coordinator for Aging Best; Erin Mason and Emily Smith, Regional Ombudsman Coordinators for Aging Matters


Aging Best Volunteers

Becky Caldwell, Regional Ombudsman Coordinator for Northwest MO Area Agency on Aging.

Melody Elston, Regional Ombudsman Coordinator for Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)

Kathy Ray Smith, Regional Ombudsman Coordinator for Care Connection for Aging Services

Staff at Warrensburg Manor in Missouri stand for quality!

Staff at Buchanan County Health Center in Independence, Iowa stand for quality!

Becky: "I believe in showing respect to them and helping them in anyway I can. Using compassion and caring feelings in my care for them."


Angel; Casey


Dianne; Dodie

Steve: "I want all our residents to be treated like I would want for any of my family to be. Friendly, caring, fun, and respect for each individual."

Dawn: "That residents are cared for and their appearance is taken care of. That they feel happy and loved always."

"I take pride in what I do and try to do the little things to make people happy."


Jamie: "Because I know what it feels like to be the family member and I care for each individual like I wanted my family member to be cared for."

Jean: "The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want them to treat you or your family."


Linda: "I try to bring love and laughter to all I care for. To bring them some joy each day!"


KJ: "Compassion for everyone."

Michelle: "I believe to treat everyone with respect and dignity."


Madison; Monica; Sue

The New Jersey State Ombudsman's Office stands for quality!

Attendees of the 23rd annual VOICES United Forum in Connecticut Stand for Quality!







The Northeast Ohio Association of Activity Professionals Stands for Quality!

(left) "I bring compassion to each and every one of our residents"; (right) "by putting residents' needs above all else!"

(left) "I bring smiles and laughter!"; (center) "I bring a reason for them to get out of bed"; (right) "I bring a friendly face"

(left) "Staff training in quality of life"; (center) "advocating for resident performance"; (right) "advocating for those who cannot do for themselves!"