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Resident's Voice Challenge

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Creative writing and artistic expression are meaningful and compelling ways to highlight the importance of residents’ rights and how these rights can be carried out in all long-term care settings. The Resident’s Voice Challenge encourages residents to submit essays, poems, artwork, drawings, or videos related to the theme.

How to Participate

Create a Video

This year’s theme emphasizes a community of long-term care residents coming together to make their voices heard. As part of the Resident’s Voice Challenge, we are inviting residents to create videos amplifying their voices.

  • Create a video sharing who you are and how you amplify your voice by answering the questions: What does it mean to be heard and how do you make yourself heard?
  • Get creative with your video – share a story, conduct an interview, read a piece of original poetry, play original music or sing a song, show and tell us about your artwork, etc.
  • Videos must feature at least one long-term care resident/consumer.
    • Any person who appears in the video must sign and submit a release form.
  • Selected videos will appear on our website, emails, and social media.

Alternatively, residents can respond to the Resident’s Voice Challenge in writing (essays, poems, word collages), artwork (posters, paintings, drawings), audio (songs or spoken word), or photos. Answer one or more of the following questions:

  • What is an example of a time you amplified your voice?
  • What positive change has occurred when you have raised your voice?
  • How do you help others amplify their voices?
    • What could others do to help you raise your voice?

How to Submit

  • Read the full Resident's Voice Challenge criteria before submitting.
  • Email submissions to info@theconsumervoice.org.
    • Include a mailing address with your submission for residents to receive certificates of participation
    • Video submission options:
    • Artwork submissions: Take a high-resolution photo of your artwork and email the JPG or PNG file as an attachment to info@theconsumervoice.org. Do not send images in the body of the email, as the file is sometimes compressed.

Submissions are due September 1, 2023.

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