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The Consumer Voice's Citizen Advocacy Group (CAG) Toolkit

This toolkit was designed to support the daily work of long-term care citizen advocacy groups nationwide. Developed as part of a project sponsored by the Commonwealth Fund, the toolkit aims to provide CAGs with organizational development resources that were chosen for their user friendliness and applicability to advocacy work. The toolkit is intended to be a web-based, “living” resource subject to modifications and additions as the long-term care climate changes, opportunities arise and funding allows. The information provided in the toolkit was compiled from established CAGs and outside organizations that provide support to nonprofits. The Consumer Voice is grateful for the support of The Commonwealth Fund in developing this resource. Please contact the Consumer Voice with any questions or comments or if you have any trouble accessing the information.

The toolkit is organized into four distinct topic areas. The topic areas were chosen based on the findings of a CAG survey conducted in 2005 and with input from a subcommittee of CAG representatives and the Consumer Voice’s founder and former executive director, Elma Holder.

Chapter 1: Basic Elements for Creating a Lasting Citizen Advocacy Group [Click to view]

Mission Statement, Organizational Structure, Incorporation, General Resources for Starting a Non-Profit Organization, Establishing a Board of Directors, Bylaws, Building a Base

Chapter 2: Fundraising: Strategies for Raising Funds for Your CAG [Click to view]

Funding Research, Grant Writing Tips, CAG Sample Grant Proposals, Ideas for Fundraising, Online Fundraising

Chapter 3: Technology: Using Computer Resources to Maximize Your CAG’s Potential [Click to view]

Funding for Technology Needs, Identifying Technology Needs, Examples of CAGs Effectively Using Technology, Online Nursing Home Quality Information by State

Chapter 4: Culture Change: CAGs and the Culture Change Movement [Click to view]

Online Nursing Home Quality Information by State, Culture Change: General Information, CAG Involvement in Culture Change, Raising Nursing Home Standards as Part of Culture Change

Chapter 5: Conclusion [Click to view]