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Resident-Directed Care or "Culture Change"

Consumer Voice encourages all residents, family members and advocates to learn more about the resident directed/centered care, also called "culture change," that is in many ways the full implementation of the 1987 nursing home reform law.

Consumer Voice Resources

Basic information for consumers that can be found on this website providing details on what individualized care is all about:

Other Resources

  • 10 No-Cost Ideas to Advance Your Culture Change Journey by Involving Residents and Families -October 4, 2011 conference call

  • Featuring presentations from:

  • Peter Reed, CEO, Pioneer Network

  • Mark Latham, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Pleasant View Center - Genesis Health Care, New Hampshire

  • Matthew Lysobey, MPH, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Arroyo Grande Care Center – Compass Health, California

  • Julie Ballard, Director of Culture Change, Health Systems, Inc. and Former Long-Term Care Ombudsman.

  • The Green House Model: Strengths and Weaknesses for Residents' Quality of Care and Life - March 23, 2011 informational webinar.

  • Robert Jenkens, director of The Green House Project, gives a brief overview of The Green House model as well as details its strengths and weaknesses.  Donilee Young, a long-term care ombudsman from Michigan, then describes the strengths and weaknesses of The Green House model from the perspective of a consumer advocate.  Lastly, Robyn Grant, Consumer Voice director of advocacy and outreach, gives examples of advocacy approaches related to The Green House model.

  • Click here for an overview of The Green House model.

  • Click here to access the webinar powerpoint.

  • Click here to access a transcript of the webinar.

Pioneer Network and Culture Change 

Currently, there is a grassroots movement to transform the culture of aging in America; this movement is called culture change, the transformation of traditional institutions and practices into communities in which each person's capacities and individuality are affirmed and developed. To learn more about  culture change and the Pioneer Network, visit their website at www.pioneernetwork.net.

Consumer Voice Membership Supports Deep Culture Change

In 2004, Consumer Voice members voted on a resolution supporting Culture Change.

Members plan and participate in Almost Home activities.

Almost Home 
This PBS documentary chronicles a year in the life of a retirement community implementing “culture change,” aired on public television stations nation-wide on Tuesday, February 21, 2006. Learn more about the documentary and Consumer Voice's partnership in this project. Purchase the DVD (Identify your affiliation with Consumer Voice for a 20% discount).