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What are you seeing as you resume visits in long-term care?

As many facilities across the country begin to allow visitation, many families will be seeing their loved ones in person for the first time in nearly six months. Consumer Voice would like to hear from you about your visits and about how your loved one is managing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Despite the recent guidance issued by the Centers of Medicare & Mediciad Services (CMS), many states are still prohibiting visitation.  If you were prevented from visiting your loved one, we want to hear from you, as well. Consumer Voice is seeking your input so that we may use it to advocate, at the state and federal levels, on behalf of  residents for the implementation of current visitation requirements and for the expansion of access to their loved ones.  We will not use any identifying information in our advocacy. 

Please fill out the brief survey below. We do ask for your contact information at the end of the survey, but you do not need to provide it to complete the survey. Please know that we will never share your information without your express permission.  

You can find more information and advocacy tips regarding visiting your loved one on our page devoted to visitation.