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2022 Resident's Voice Challenge Entries

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Congratulations to the residents whose submissions were chosen for our poster contest!

  "The petals are made of residents' handprints, the center is made of staff fingerprints, and the center represents the love we have for each other at our facility."

By Alice, Alma, Barbara, Bernita, Betty, Brenda, Clare, Connie, Conrad, Daphne, Deetta, Dewey, Doris, Dorothy, Edna, Estill, Faye, Geneva, Harold, Hazel, Herbert, Ida, Ina, Jacob, Jane, Jimmy, Joanne, Joyce, Letha, Linda, Marian, Marjorie, Mary P., Mary R., Melvin, Minnie, Missouri, Nerita, Opal, Paul, Peggy, Sally, Shannon, Sharon, Sue, Todd, William, and Willie



  "(Community) means to feel and stay connected to others through different experiences together. The project we picked gave everyone an opportunity to participate, be involved and be able to work at their own pace to create something special together. Even the residents that don’t actively participate can enjoy the finished artwork on display."

By Velma, Doris, Jere Robert, Catherine, Marybell, Lori, Caroline, Valice, Barbara, Betty F., WenMei, Barbara, Roe, Jane, Bill, Donna, Marina, Shirley, Jeanette, Thelma, Harvey, Thomas, Martha, Charlie, Nina, Betty S., Marty, Dylon, Warren, Harry, and Ann



Thank you to all of the long-term care consumers who submitted entries for this year's Resident's Voice Challenge! All of the fantastic submissions we received can be found below.




























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