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Consumer Product Safety Commission Issues Mandatory Rules for Adult Portable Bed Rails

July 12, 2023

The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued mandatory rules for Adult Portable Bed Rails (APBRs). The rule establishes a mandatory performance requirement and test procedure to reduce the risk of entrapment and other hazards associated with the use of adult portable bed rails and requires all APBRs sold in the United States and manufactured after the effective date to comply with the standard’s performance and testing requirements.

Consumer Voice submitted comments regarding this rule in January 2023.  In our letter, we noted that widespread and comprehensive education is need so that consumers can make better, more informed decisions about purchasing these devices.  Additionally, we point out that APBRs are frequently used because caregivers do not know what else to do. Individualized care - knowing a person’s needs, routines, and preferences - allows caregivers to anticipate when the person has to, or wants to, get out of bed. This permits the caregiver to assist the individual to do so safely. We recommend that an educational campaign include the development and dissemination of a resource on individualized care to reduce or avoid the use of APBRs. 

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