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March 14, 2022

On February 28, 2022, President Biden announced groundbreaking nursing home reforms, including the creation of a minimum staffing standard, increased oversight of nursing homes, and heightened scrutiny of how nursing homes spend taxpayer dollars. Throughout the month of March, we are taking action to support these, and other, nursing home policies to bring meaningful change in the lives of nursing home residents.

Letters are still one of the most widely read sections of the local news, and a great way to get your voice heard by members of your community and elected leaders on key issues of the day. It is important that your voice is heard in support of the Biden Administration's recently announced nursing home reforms.

1.)   Read our Letter to the Editor Guide for tips on how to formulate your letter, information on what to highlight in the nursing home reforms, and talking points you can use in your letter.

2.)   Use our online tool to easily send your letter to multiple local and national media outlets.

3.)   Encourage others to send letters too!

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