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Use Our Advocacy Toolkit to Set Up a Visit to Urge Your Member of Congress to Support Policies that Hold Nursing Homes Accountable

June 21, 2022

Nursing homes have been telling Members of Congress why they can't provide quality care and hire staff.   Your Members need to hear from YOU to say "Yes, they can" and to support policies that will hold the nursing homes accountable.

Face-to-face visits with your elected officials (or their staff) are a very influential form of advocacy. Members of Congress are about to return to their home districts for a summer recess, so it’s a great time to schedule a visit to make your voice heard! Some offices may also be holding virtual visits.

Tell you member of Congress to support the implementation of staffing standards and hold long-term care facilities accountable for the care they provide and money they receive.

We’ve made preparing for these visits easy! Check out our Advocacy Toolkit for tips on:

How to Schedule a Visit with Your Members of Congress

How to Conduct a Visit & Tips for What to Expect

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