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Consumer Voice Submits Comments to Pennsylvania DOH in Support of Minimum Staffing Standard

September 01, 2021

On August, 30, 2021, Consumer Voice submitted comments in support of Pennsylvania's proposed regulations mandating a minimum staffing standard of 4.1 hours of resident care per day.  For years, nursing home residents across the country and in Pennsylvania have suffered due to inadequate staffing.  The absence of a federal minimum staffing standard has allowed facilities to perennially understaff their facilities to maximize profits.  COVID-19 laid bare the devastating impact of under-staffing on nursing home residents. The proposed regulations would be a pro-active step to prevent a repeat of the catastrophic event.

By mandating 4.1 hours per resident day (hprd), Pennsylvania would join New Jersey in becoming a national leader in implementing a staffing standard that is supported as a best practice by research and experts in nursing.  Higher staffing ratios are associated with better resident care and health outcomes.  It is indisputable that by adopting a 4.1 hprd standard, many of the lives of Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable residents will be saved, while resulting in an increase in positive health outcomes for all residents.  We commend Pennsylvania for taking bold action to protect nursing home residents.

Read our full comments.

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