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November 22, 2023

Dear Friends,

For nearly 50 years, Consumer Voice has been working to engage and empower long-term care residents and their families in the pursuit of quality care and services, quality of life, and protection of rights. 

Bringing the voice of the residents and family members to the policy and advocacy tables is powerful! No one can relay an experience as well as the person who has lived it! And those making decisions about long-term care and services need to hear from the people most impacted by the policies they enact. 

This has been more apparent than ever over the past year as we have advocated for implementation of the Administration’s bold initiatives for nursing home reform, including minimum staffing standards and increased accountability for nursing home owners and operators.  

You and other advocates from around the country have done a tremendous job of raising your voices by commenting on proposed rules, calling and writing your legislators, and sharing your stories about the need for meaningful long-term care reform. We can’t stop now!

We have to AMPLIFY OUR ADVOCACY to counter the misinformation and misguided attempts by the industry to derail the process!

CAN WE COUNT ON YOU to join us? Support the Consumer Voice today!

Your donation will:

  • Enable us to strengthen our national network of resident/consumer leaders and increase collaborations with partner organizations and coalitions.

  • Expand our ability to bring the resident/consumer and family voice to the policy and advocacy table through education, empowerment and effective strategies to impact long-term care policies.

  • Enhance our advocacy with policy-makers to support, enact, implement, and enforce policies that lead to quality care.  

What have we done so far towards this goal?

  • Led a coalition of partners to advocate for minimum staffing standards in nursing homes and responded to attempts to derail progress; supported the ability of consumers and advocates to submit comments by providing education and analysis of the proposed rules, talking points, templates, and a sign-on letter.

  • Facilitated an in-person dialogue with long-term care consumers, family members, and officials from federal agencies, such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Administration for Community Living, and Department of Justice, so they can better understand resident experiences and perspectives.

  • Supported resident and family participation in briefings for Congressional offices and staff; webinars; meetings with the CMS Administrator; and the Consumer Voice annual conference.

  • Hosted webinars and podcasts featuring current and former residents talking about the impact of policies on their lives, and also how they advocate for themselves and others.

  • Developed tools and resources for consumers and advocates to use in advocating for quality care and telling their stories.

Your support is needed to help us:

  • Respond quickly to opportunities and challenges around long-term care policies and practices.

  • Expand participation in our Consumer Advisory Panel of current and former long-term care consumers; and coordinate Advisory Panel activities, including hosting a minimum of quarterly meetings per year designed to promote dialogue among consumers and ask for consumer input on specific issues, such as infection prevention and transition from a nursing home.

  • Identify and promote successful practices for providing quality care and services; and empowering residents and other consumers.

  • Counter the extreme pressure from the nursing home industry to derail, delay, and weaken the initiatives that have been proposed to improve quality care.

What can you do to help?


And that of long-term care consumers everywhere!

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