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Urge Congress to Continue the Money Follows the Person Program

August 22, 2016

"I’m free!"  This is what many people of all ages say when they move out of an institutional setting or nursing facility and back to the community under the federal Money Follows the Person (MFP) demonstration program.  MFP gives people the right to decide where they live and receive home and community services and supports. It provides assistance, support and funding to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, individuals with physical disabilities, and older adults who want to transition out of an institution or facility to their own home or a community residence.

Since 2005, MFP has assisted more than 51,000 people with moving into a setting of their choice, and has helped 44 states improve access to home and community-based services. In addition, the MFP program provides an important quality framework and data collection and reporting requirements to build a solid state HCBS infrastructure. 

MFP is a program where everyone wins: individuals regain their independence, and state and federal governments save money because it costs less to provide services and supports in the community rather than in an institution.

Yet despite strong bi-partisan support, this crucial program is about to DISAPPEAR. Unless Congress takes action, the MFP program will end on Sept 30, 2016.  This means that fewer people will be able to move back into the community, and state progress and momentum to shift systems from institutional to more cost-effective home and community-based settings will be slowed.  

Tell your members of Congress to continue the Money Follows the Person program.  Send a message by clicking here.  Freedom should be for everyone!

Thank you for your advocacy!

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